You know those tales about the naïf who lives on an island somewhere, been stuck there for two years, and then comes to the Big City? You can just imagine his eyes bugging out. Man, what a rube!
Well, that was me in Palm Springs, Cal-i-forn-eye-ay. I voyaged from my chilly, cloudy & rainy island to the slick, sophisticated desert and I felt my eyes bulging so much they might have knocked my glasses off.
I hadn't traveled in a couple of years and I neglected to update my travel computer so that it would work with my new-ish Canon. So, I ended up leaving the DSLR and lenses in the hotel room and walked around with the iP12Pro in one pocket and the low-tech PaperShoot in the other. I mostly used the iPhone. It was a bit of a revelation how freeing that was. And, besides, the iPhone didn't mess with the line of my fashionable outfits the way the Canon strap does. Important consideration.
I didn't shoot anything spectacular, or even much related to my website work. It was more along the lines of my ongoing photo project, what i saw today. The current photo set is all about learning to make do with the iP12.
Here's what I saw in the desert... palm trees, giraffes, mountains,
swimming pools, me...

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