Mi casa a Deep Well Estates

Spending another six late-winter weeks in the warmth of the sun of the desert, we were lucky enough to experience this years' Modernism Week, to lollygag around the pool, to play pickleball on private courts, and to flaunt our favourite finery in the lovely weather. Here's a selection of what I did and saw during the first weeks of this sojourn.

Palm Springs is known for the residential architecture of the 1950s and 1960s known as Midcentury Modern. Low profiles, iconic roof lines, indoor/outdoor living, lots of light. 

Palm Springs is also home to a couple of clothing designers that I favour, and whose clothes fit me perfectly. I learned a lot about colour, pattern, and mixing from them and others. Here are Diane and me with one of those designers, Trina Turk, at an event during Modernism Week, when midcentury modern styles are celebrated.

More colour and mixing on what is essentially our own private pickleball court, which we use every day, but no one else in this complex seems to use.

At Trina Turk, during a Modernism Week event. 

While touring a midcentury condo complex called Villa Alejo, someone asked to take our photo with this vintage TBird.

The grounds and pool of Villa Alejo

Villa Alejo

Diane sparkles at a poolside cocktail party in nearby Rancho Mirage

A local celebrity spotted at an open house at a hacienda-style residence.

At another open house, but this one out of The Shining! You can get a hint of its decrepit state by looking at the frayed awning. Same celebrity, though.

We've started a Go Fund Me campaign to help finance this $4.2M renovation in Deep Well Estates, south Palm Springs

Diane planning her move to  Deep Well Estates

Deep Well Estates

I remain fascinated by the shapes of the palm trees and their relationship to the sky they reach for. The moon overlooks.

No photoset is complete without an abstract shot of my shadow in the pool at Deep Well Estates.

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