Shooting a Simpler Sense of Place
If you've noticed me lurking among your photo sets you'll know that I'm always going on about a "sense of place". I like an awful lot of the work I see, but I'm particularly attracted to sets that evoke the feeling of locality; taking me somewhere else by imparting a real sense of being there.
The other thing I've been commenting on recently is shooting simpler. To that end I've been carrying smaller devices; shooting on the iPhone and processing everything in-phone; learning to use the intentionally unsophisticated PaperShoot camera where — because there's no viewfinder, no display screen — it's not what-you-see-is-what-you-get, but how-well-can-you-guess-what-you're-capturing
When I'm not doing my so-called work — making pretty pictures in France, Paris, and La Riviere — I attempt to document what I see in my daily life in an ongoing photo project unoriginally titled "what i saw today". Here, then, are simpler, paper-shot recent photos of my own sense of place. Lightly dusted in Photoshop.

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