Phoning in Rome – The Food Mix
When I'm in Paris and France I'm more or less working. ("More or less" being the operative phrase.) But, when I'm elsewhere in La Riviere I'm a tourist. And that was the case last year when, after a lengthy trip around France ("working"), I was able to spend a fabulous fall week in Rome. (All pre-Covid, of course.)

After a couple of months of shooting all day, every day, I weary of hauling around the DSLR and tend to rely on my iPhone X. As a result, virtually all of these were made using that pocket-sized device. Not perfect, but, man, I'm only a tourist!

Food is such a big part of a Roman experience that it needs its own photo project. Here, then, is a collection of food photos, a companion set to Phoning in Rome... or iRome X.

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