For the obvious reasons, I hadn't traveled in a couple of years . When I finally packed up my gear, got a negative test, strapped on my face mask, and landed in Palm Springs I discovered that I had neglected to update my travel computer so that it would work with my new-ish Canon. So, I simply left the DSLR and heavy lenses in the hotel room and walked around with the iP12Pro in one pocket and the low-tech PaperShoot in the other. 
It was a bit of a revelation how freeing this was. And, besides, the iPhone didn't mess with the line of my fashionable outfits the way the Canon strap does.
Important consideration.
Here, then, is a set of what midcentury eyes saw, using a next-century capture device, in the ultimate midcentury city.
All photos created with: iPhone 12 Pro, Photoshop CC 2022, tequila

 Palm Springs My Way (AKA: Blue Eyes on Blue Eyes). Photo by Diane Shaskin.

Photo by Diane Shaskin

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