The longrunning photo project unimaginatively called (by me) what i saw today shows off (unsurprisingly) the things I saw that day. It often features photos from my more-or-less work in Paris and elsewhere in France. But there is a subset of the project I have named The Streets Where I Live in which I try to see my local area with the same photographic eye I see Paris or Bordeaux or Málaga.
The Streets project has suffered during the past neverending months of staying home, staying in, locking down, and avoidance. In short – often I just haven't felt like it. Finally, though, I unpacked a new camera, fitted it with my walking-around lens, and hied myself along the streets and shoreline nearby, learning the peculiarities of the new equipment along the way. 
This, then, is what I saw today... on the streets where I live.
iPhone 12 Pro, Photoshop 2021
iPhone 12 Pro, Photoshop 2021

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